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daily bulletin - Parents, this is a great way to stay on top of your child's activites. The school bulletin is updated daily with all the important information you and your child need to know.

monthly calendar
- A calendar of activities listing ball games, events, days off, etc. Now available in two versions, a printable PDF file and an online version from our sports department.

grading schedule
- A list of dates covering the entire school year. Dates included are the cutoffs for progress reports, end of quarters and end of semesters.

daily time schedules
- A complete listing of the various time schedules we use here at BCHS. Important to know if you are making a doctor or dentist appointement for a specific day.

information from the guidance office
- Here you will find, amoung other useful information, scholarship listings for the current school year. Senior and senior parents should check back on a regular basis to take full advantage of possible college funding.

Ranger Mascot Images - We have many requests for this so here it is. Available in two sizes - small and large.

School Loyalty - Our very own Ranger Marching Band performing our school song. Sorry...no 'Wow, wow, Benton, Benton, wow' at the end.

Information from our Guidance Office - Helpful information for parents relating to our school, courses offered, ACT testing information, and college prep information including scholarship opportunities.