• Welcome back to school everyone! I do hope everyone had a fun and restful summer. For the first few days we will be settling in, handing books out, making sure schedules are correct.  Students in my classes will not have homework to bring home. All homework will be completed during class time. If I have assigned a project or report, that is when they may have home work to do at home . I will try my best to list any homework your child may have in my classes. Things do tend to get really busy and hectic at times so please be patient. 

    It will be the students responsibility to see me for make up work when they have been absent from school. I do keep their make up work up at the teachers desk with their name on it. If you have a question about your childs work or have any concerns please feel free to contact me at any time by calling the school and my extension is #102 or drop me an e-mail.

    My schedule for the first semester is still under construction . Here is what I have so far:

    A1 Reading              B1 Reading

    A2 Prep                  B2 LifeSkills

    A3 Lab Science        B3 Prep

    A4 Health                B4  Geography/Social Science/English