• Citing Sources

    When using printed or electronic sources within research papers, it is important to avoid plagiarism by giving the author of those resources credit for their work. Citing sources on a works cited or reference page will allow you to do this. Your instructor may give you a sheet of instructions to follow when creating a works cited or reference page or you may find the following resources useful for citing information:

     - Purdue Online Writing Lab - MLA style
     - Purdue Online Writing Lab - APA style

    To create APA and MLA citations, use EasyBib (www.easybib.com). You must first go to the website and create an account from inside the school building. Then you can login from home. 

    Copyright/Fair Use - Check out the links below for information on copyright and fair use.

     - Copyright - American Library Association
     - Copyright and Fair Use - Stanford University Library 
     - U.S. Copyright Office
     - Fair Use Evaluator

    Evaluating Online Sources

    When using the Internet for research, it is important to evaluate the information found there. The main reason for this is that the information put on the Internet is governed by no one and often is not always true. Even legitimate organizations could present biased or prejudiced information. This often happens because, unlike print resources, information found on the Internet is not always reviewed before being published.

    The domain of Internet resources can hep in the process of evaluation. Using the address (Uniform Resource Locator - URL) can help determine the kind of organization that has published the information. The last part of the URL determines the domain of the site. Below are some of the most common domains used today:

     - .com - Commercial organizations or businesses
     - .edu - Educational and research institutions
     - .gov - Governmental agencies
     - .mil - Military agencies
     - .net - Network centers or Internet service providers
     - .org - Other organizations, usually non-profit
     - .int - International organizations

    Using a .edu, .gov, or .mil URL generally provides information that is reliable and relevant. The following evaluation criteria should be used when researching Internet sources:

     - Accuracy - Is the information reliable and error-free? Has it been verified?
     - Authority - Is the author qualified? An expert?
     - Objectivity - Is the information biased?
     - Currency - When was the information last updated?
     - Coverage - What topics are covered and how in-depth is the coverage?

    More information about evaluating Internet sources can be found at this address: http://lib.nmsu.edu/instruction/evalcrit.html 









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