•              A-1 Wildlife Management

  • 9-8-11  Students will begin training for the State Forestry CDE. They will be studying Forestry tool and equipment. See attached powerpoint for tools and names. Quiz over tools and equipment at the end of the period.

    9-10-11  Review tools and equipment and take the second quiz. Students will begin tree identification.

    9-13-11  Take a quiz in class over Forestry equipment,  Then we will begin working on Tree ID #1 thru 25 from the tree ID powerpoint.  Go over presentation on how to ID Trees

    9-15-11  Reviewed first 25 trees, take a quiz over #1 thru 25.  Introduced #26 thru 35

    9-19-11  Foresty CDE preperation. We will began with the tree ID presentation. We will start tree disorders and diseases. I will hand out the quiz sheet for diseases.

    9-21-11  We will review tree ID slides. I will give the tree ID quiz and the Forestry equipment quiz. We will also review the tree disorders and diseases slides. 

    9-23-11  Tree Disorder Quiz 

    9-27-11 Viewed Tree Disorders and Diseases. Reviewed tree identification and took quizzes on both.

    9-29-11 Reviewed forestry equipment. Prepared students for test on Monday 10-03-11. Students self guided study on computers.

    10-3-11 Take Final forestry test. Test will include equipment, trees, and tree disorders.

    10-5-11 Begin chapter 2 in Wildlife Management text (History of Wildlife Conservation). History of Wildlife presentation and fill out notes page. Students will read chapter 2 and do questions.

    10-12-11 Filled out chapter 2 studyguide turned in for a grade. Completed questions from the end of chapter 2 turned in for a grade. Complete chapter 2 worksheet. 

    10-14-11 Go to library worked in groups of 3 and prepared a class presentation on a national park. Present those on Tuesday 10-18-11.

    10-18-11 Give National Park presentations in class for a grade.

    10-20-11 Take Ch. 2 test. Begin reading Ch. 3 in text. 

    10-24-11 Begin Ch 3 in wildlife textbook. Students are to read Ch. 3 and do the questions on pages 51 and 52. Questions will be collected and graded.

    10-26-11 Endangered Species presentation. Students will take notes from presentation and fill out vocab worksheet. 

    11-1-11 Review Endangered Species powerpoint. took test over Ch 3. Began reading Ch 4.

    11-3-11 Prestent Ch 4 powerpoint. Students will answer questions at the end of Ch 4. Questions will be turned in for a grade.

    11-7-11 Chapter 4 presentation. Students took notes with printed note packet.

    11-9-11 Ch 4 test. Students then began reading ch 5 and doing questions at the end of ch 5.

    11-14-11 Chapter 5 presentation. Students took notes with printed note packet and finished ch 5 questions.

    11-16-11 Chapter 6 presentation. Students made up missing work.

    11-18-11 Study for Ch 5 and 6 test. Students made up missing work.

    11-22-11 Reviewed for Test and then took test on Ch 5&6.

    11-28-11 Viewed test results. Students caught up on missing work.

    11-30-11 Hunting presentation. Read ch 16 and comleted questions at the end of the chapter.

    12-2-11 Fishing Presentation. Read ch 17 and completed questions at the end of the chapter.

    12-6-11 Finish reading chapter 17 and review questions on page 345.

    12-8-11 Discuss semester exam. will be over chapters 2,3,4,5-6