•                A-2 Ag Welding

  • 9-8-11  Students will be studying safe use of the electric router and joiner. Then taking quizzes over each.

    9-10-11  Students will be studying the safe use of a power grinder and electric drill. Then taking quizzes over each. 

    9-12-11  Welding Safety presentation and then take Welding and Safety quizzes.

    9-14-11  Students will be taking their final safety exam. They must get 129 out of 136 correct.

    9-19-11  We finished the final safety tests, but some still need to retake. We started the Intro to Arc welding Powerpoint, and students followed with the notes. 

    9-21-11 Students were retaking their safety test.  They have to pass with 95% in order to be in the shop

    9-23-11  Students will be taking notes and finishing the arc welding powerpoint.  See attached presentation.

    9-27-11 Finished safety tests. Continued with introduction to ag safety. Quiz preparation for Thursday.

    9-29-11 Finished Intro to Arc Welding Unit. Completed notes packets. Quiz over shield metal arc welding.

    10-3-11 Introduce Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting. Go through presentation.

    10-5-11 Watch 3 videos on setting up and lighting Oxyacetylene torch. Go to shop for demonstration of set up and lighting.

    10-12-11 Watch video over Plasma cutter and review for test over welding, plasma cutting, and oxyacetlyene.

    10-14-11 Review for test. Start Welding in shop, students will be working on striking and maintaining an arc.

    10-18-11 Worked in shop. Practice making a 3 inch bead. 

    10-20-11 Do Chapters 5 & 6 in Essentials of Welding text. Do questions 1-17 on pg. 71 and questions 1-14 on pg. 96. Both will be turned in for a grade. 

    10-24-11 Students will take a written welding test. 

    10-26-11 Reviewed test results. Welded in shop and worked on 3 inch beads.

    11-1-11 Continued on 3 inch beads.

    11-3-11 Students will do a 3 inch bead for a grade.

    11-7-11 Chapter 4 questions. Welded in shop.

    11-9-11 Finished chapter 4 questions. Welded in shop and worked on 3 inch beads.

    11-14-11 Reviewed welding techniques. Students welded in shop and welded a 3 inch bead for a grade.

    11-16-11 Students continued working on 3 inch bbead for a grade.

    11-18-11 Students began welding padding project in the shop. 

    11-22-11 Reviewed Welding techniques. Worked in shop on welding padding.

    11-28-11 Students welded in shop. Worked on welding padding for a grade.

    11-30-11 Students welded in shop. Completed welding padding for a grade.

    12-2-11 Students reviewed welding techniques. Completed welding pads for a grade.

    1-30-12 Students reviewed a T-weld and completed one in the shop.

    2-1-12 Students reviewed a T-joint weld and completed one in the shop.

    2-3-12 Students finished T-joint welds.

    2-7-12 Students continued to practice a T-joint weld. Will do one next class for a grade.

    2-9-12 Students completed a T-joint weld for a grade.

    2-13-12 Grade T-joints. Give instruction for triple pass joints.

    2-15-12 Work on triple pass joints.

    2-17-12 Weld 8 inch pads in class for a grade.

    2-22-12 Finish 8 inch pads.

    2-24-12 Grade pads.

    2-28-12 Go over butt weld instructions. Start Welds.

    3-1-12 Practice butt welds.

    3-5-12 Practice butt welds.

    3-7-12 Evaluate butt welds and grade.

    3-9-12 Do miller demo. Go over setup and amperages.

    3-13-12 Redo butt welds. 

    3-15-12 Practice butt welds.

    3-19-12 Practice butt welds.

    3-21-12 Do butt welds for a grade.

    3-23-12 Do unit 21 in welding text.

    3-27-12 Do unit 22 in welding text.

    3-29-12 Do unit 23 in welding text. 

    4-10-12 Do miller welding guideline sheet.