• 9-6-11  We will be going over the Understanding Soils work sheet.

    9-8-11  We will be studying and reviewing for the Understanding Soils test, which will be on next Monday. See above Soil Formation powerpoint for studying material.

    9-12-11  Take a test over Understanding Soils.

    9-14-11  Teach students to read a Philadelphia Rod marked in tenths (See examples in Powerpoint presentation

    9-16-11  Review reading the Philadelphia Rod.  Take a quiz  over reading the Philadelphia Rod. 

    9-20-11  Students will take a quiz over reading the philadelphia rod.  We will go over how to calculate slope and then do a 10 problem worksheet for a grade.

    9-22-11 Do makeup quizzes for philadelphia rod.  Review calculating slope and begin filling out the Illinois Land-use scorecard.  We will cover slope, determining plow layer thickness, % organic matter, and A2 horizons.

    9-26-11 Students learned soil scorecard. Completed instructions for front side of scorecard.

    9-28-11 Junior students were testing, other students reviewed scorecard.

    9-30-11 Went over the second half of Illinois Land Use scorecard.

    10-4-11 Do soils problem #1 together in class and problem #3 will be assigned and due next class period.

    10-6-11 Go over problem #3 do problem #4 and 5 in class. Problem #6 will be done in class for a grade.

    10-11-11 Do soils problems #7&8 in class for a grade. 

    10-13-11 Take final soils test in class. Review land use CDE results.

    10-17-11 Go over soils test. Assembly in gym.

    10-19-11 Hand out Vas 2042. Students are to read the handout and answer the questions on the worksheet. They will turn it in for a grade at the end of class.

    10-21-11 Go over worksheet together in class.

    10-24-11 Discuss Land Survey and Legal Description Worksheet,  Will retuen to these when we finish agronomy CDE preparations.

    10-27-11 Report Card Day

    10-31-11 Study Crop Seeds in class.  We will start quizzing on Wednesday.

    11-2-11 Take a practice quiz over seeds.  Restudy and take a second quizz for a grade

    11-4-11 Take crop seed quiz.  Start Weed slides.  They are in the powerpoint at the top of the page. (See weed slide study guide)

    11-8-11 Review Seeds and Weeds. Took Seed quiz.

    11-10-11 Review seeds and weeds. Took Weed quiz and Introduced Insects.

    11-15-11 Quiz students on Seeds, Weeds, and Insects.

    11-17-11 Students made up work.

    11-21-11 Cleaned classroom and shop.

    11-29-11 Started land surveying and legal description presentation. 

    12-1-11 Continued legal description presentation. Began written legal descriptions.

    12-5-11 Legal descriptions from a platbook page for a grade.

    12-7-11 Discussed and graded legal descriptions.

    12-9-11 Worksheet from land survey and legal description unit (VAS 2042) Due Tuesday.

    1-31-12 Discuss Leveling circuits.

    2-2-12 Do a leveling circuit for a grade.

    2-6-12 Graded differential leveling circuit.

    2-8-12 Finish notes on surveying.

    2-10-12 Review for test over surveying and leveling circuits.

    2-14-12 Test over surveying.

    2-16-12 complete sureying test.

    2-21-12 work on record books.

    2-23-12 Work on record books.

    2-27-12 Intro to electricity.

    2-29-12 Notes from electricity presentation 1.1

    3-6-12 Electricity notes from presentation 1.1

    3-8-12 Work on banquet invitations and slideshow.

    3-12-12 Work on banquet material.

    3-14-12 Work on proficiency awards.

    3-20-12 Banquet slideshow and programs.

    3-22-12 Put together banquet programs.

    3-26-12 Loaded materials for banquet.

    3-28-12 Reviewed electricity vocab and did Ohms law problems.

    3-30-12 Quiz over vocabulary and Ohms law problems.

    4-11-12 Electricity notes from presentation 2.1 and Ohms law problems.