• 9-7-11  You will be taking the History of Agriculture quiz. Students will receive a copy of the FFA Creed. The first paragraph will be due on Monday 9/13. See link below for a copy of the Creed.



    9-9-11  We will be going over the History of Ag quiz and reviewing for the test. The first paragraph of the creed will be due on Monday 9/13.


    9-12-11  We took a test over the History of Agriculture and prepared to present the first paragraph of the FFA Creed.

    9-14-11  Recited paragraph one of the FFA Creed and prepared for paragraph two.

    9-16-11  Recited paragraph two of the FFA Creed and prepared for paragraph three.

    9-20-11  Students will say paragraph three of the FFA Creed.

    9-22-11 Students will say paragraph four of the FFA Creed. 

    9-26-11 Students will say paragraph five of the FFA Creed. Chapter 1-2 study guides.

    9-28-11 Students will recite entire FFA Creed. 

    9-30-11 FFA presentation while students took notes. Continued chapter 1-2 study guides.

    10-4-11 Complete chapter #1 and 2 studyguide. Go over parts of the FFA emblem. Complete HO1 (Rich History) worksheet.

    10-6-11 Complete HO1 worksheet in class. Do history crossword, turn in at end of period for a grade.

    10-11-11 Take notes on FFA Timeline. Review for test over FFA.

    10-13-11 Test over FFA.

    10-17-11 Hand out FFA Quiz Bowl questions in class. Go over together.

    10-19-11 Do intro to equine industry powerpoint presentation. Fill out notes page in class.

    10-21-11 Do dairy unit presentation in class. Fill out notes page. 

    10-25-11 Review Quizbowl questions. Use beepers and have a contest in class.

    10-31-11  Dairy Unit. Went through Dairy Powerpoint and filled out notes.

    11-2-11 Reviewed Dairy Unit. Began Dairy Breeds powerpoint. Students worked in groups on Dairy Cow parts.

    11-4-11 Quiz over breeds and body parts.

    11-8-11 Finished Lactaton unit. Reviewed the parts of a dairy cow. Preped for test.

    11-10-11 Review for the test. Students then took test over dairy lactation. Began Horticulture unit with notes packet.

    11-15-11 Career Research project in computer lab.

    11-17-11 Review students career research. Started Horticulture lesson 2 and read chapter 1 in Horticulture text book and answered questions on page 14.

    11-21-11 Review for Horticulture test. Finished book questions on chapter 1. took test.

    11-29-11 Parli Pro presentation with a notes page. Demonstration in class.

    12-1-11 Continued Parli Pro presentation and notes. Demonstration in class.

    1-31-12 Students updated record books through May, June, and July.

    2-2-12 Students continued working on record books through July.

    2-6-12 Graded entries in record book through July.

    2-8-12 Go over expenses page in record books in class.

    2-10-12 Correct entries through july

    2-14-12 Go over May, June, and July entries in practice record book problems.

    2-16-12 Start personal record books.

    2-21-12 Do chapter 29 in Agriscience text. Define the terms to know on page 554 and turn in for a grade.

    2-23-12 Equine notes. Go over horse parts.

    2-27-12 Field trip to Webb's Hill Farm.

    2-29-12 Finish equine industry notes.

    3-2-12 Take notes over ANSCI equine breeds presentation.

    3-6-12 Take notes over ANSCI equine breeds presentation.

    3-8-12 Study picture ID of horses on computer. Take quiz over breeds.

    3-12-12 Horse breeds characteristics notes.

    3-14-12 Horse breeds characteristics notes

    3-16-12 Finish Horse breeds characteristics notes.

    3-20-12 Do horse colors and markings.

    3-22-12 Start horse posters over horse colors and markings.

    3-26-12 Review breed characteristics and take quiz. Work on horse posters.

    3-28-12 Finish horse posters and take grades for them.

    3-30-12 Wrap up banquet.