• Horticulture

  • 1-30-12 Complete unit 4 notes. Assign unit 4 vocabulary.

    2-1-12 Discuss unit 4 vocab. Do unit 4 worksheet for a grade.

    2-3-12 Graded unit 4 worksheet.

    2-7-12 Unit 4 vocabulary quiz.

    2-9-12 Test over unit 4.

    2-13-12 Retake unit 4 test.

    2-15-12 Go over unit 4 test. Do overview of plant propagation.

    2-17-12 Do plant propagation vocabulary words.

    2-22-12 hand back plant propagation vocab words. Start powerpoint presentation on plant propagation.

    2-24-12 Quiz over vocab words. Notes from presentation.

    2-28-12 Quiz over plant propagation and notes from presentation.

    3-1-12 Notes from plant propagation presentation

    3-5-12 Finished notes from presentation.

    3-7-12 Plant propagation worksheet.

    3-9-12 Graded worksheet and reviewed for plant propagation test.

    3-13-12 Plant Propagation test.

    3-15-12 Go over test and do make up for unit.

    3-19-12 Plant tomatoes from seed.

    3-21-12 Do bedding plant identification

    3-23-12 Review bedding plant ID and take ID quiz in class.

    3-27-12 Take another bedding plant ID quiz. Do vocabulary words from unit 5 in the text.

    3-29-12 Replant tomatoes into bigger containers.

    4-10-12 Bulb ID presentation. Quiz at the end of class.