• Keyboarding and Internet Skills

    Keyboarding is a very important skill in the world today.  If you hunt and peck, you will not be as productive as the person who can move fluently on the keyboard using proper technique.  The student will use proper grammar, punctuation spelling, and proofreading skills which are needed workplace and communication skills.  Formatting skills using Microsoft Word will also be stressed so that the student will be able to prepare papers, letters, memos, and projects that will be necessary for the classes they take.  The student will learn to use Internet search tools, e-mail, and file management skills.


    Keyboarding and Internet Skills Assignments


  • In keyboarding, we use a program called MicroType Pro. 

    Students work at own pace until all lessons are finished.  The lessons are stored on the computer at school so that I can look to see where they are at all times.

    All work is done in class.  If students are absent and have work to be made up, they can come in before or after school.


    Students are doing a simulation using all they have learned this semester.

    We will begin MLA reports when finished with the simulation.