• Remote Learning Grades

    Grades will continue to be issued for completed work, but they will not negatively

    impact a student’s overall grade.  However, if a student does not complete the work

    for any particular class, an “incomplete” can be issued for that class until the work is

    completed and submitted.   To clarify what it means for a student to receive an

    incomplete for a course:   No credit will be issued for the course until the “incomplete”

    is resolved, with work being completed and submitted.  This will require the

    student to complete work from this school year during the next school year,

    while completing work in new courses.  An “incomplete” may impact a

    student’s ability to enroll in other courses, as the incomplete course may

    be a prerequisite.  If the “incomplete” is an honor’s course, it will likely

    cause the student to be excluded from honor’s courses for the next school

    year.  If you or your student are unsure of the required work, or if you want

    to know your current academic standing in a class, please contact the teacher

    via email.  If you need assistance with technology, including PowerSchool

    login information to check for missing work, please see our district

    website under “BCHS Remote Learning”.