yearbook Senior Ads

Here’s your chance to purchase a spot in the yearbook and congratulate your graduating senior. You can choose from 4 different sizes at 4 different prices. There’s a size and price to fit everyone’s budget. All Senior Ads will be printed in full color and contain a personal message from you. All ads require you to send in at least 1 picture of your graduating senior. 

Space is limited. Senior ads will be accepted on a first come basis. Forms and pictures must be paid for and turned in before March 3rd, 2023. 

Forms can be found by clicking here.


  • Neatly write or type a message containing no more than 50 words. 

  • Please, no profanity, inappropriate names, words, or phrases. 

  • The Yearbook Staff reserves the right to edit all messages for content and size. 

  • Please check your spelling.


  • All pictures must be submitted digitally on a non-returnable flash drive or by email. 

  • The pictures can be new or old, but they all need to be digital. 

  • If you only have a printed picture, use your phone to take a picture of the original, making sure there’s no glare. 

  • This way, you get to keep your original pictures.


  • You may send multiple pictures on 1 flash drive.

  • Please make all digital pictures as high resolution as possible (300 DPI minimum).

  • Please describe the picture that you wish to appear the largest in the space provided on this form when purchasing an ad larger than ⅛ page.

  • The Yearbook Staff reserves the right to change the largest picture due to size concerns.


  • Eighth Page/$50

    • 1 picture and a 50 word message.

  • Quarter Page/$100

    • 1 large picture, up to 2 small pictures, and a 50 word message.

  • Half Page/$180

    • 1 large picture, up to 4 small pictures, and a 50 word message.

  • Full Page/$325

    • 1 large picture, up to 6 small pictures, and a 50 word message.


  • Complete the Senior Ad Form (found by clicking here)

  • Neatly write or type, print, and attach your message.

  • Make check payable to: BCHS Yearbook

  • Save all digital pictures on a non-returnable flash drive.

  • Write your senior’s name on the flash drive or on a piece of tape attached to the flash drive.

  • Drop off or Mail: Place your completed form, payment, and flash drive in a sealed envelope and drop it off at the high school or mail it to: 

    • Senior Ads/BCHS Yearbook

    • 511 East Main Street

    • Benton, Illinois 62812

  • Email: If you need to email pictures for your senior ad, please email pictures to:


    • If you choose to email pictures, please write: “YOUR CHILD’S NAME SENIOR AD PICTURES” in the subject line.

    • You’ll still need to drop off or mail the form and message portion.