You ONLY have 3 options for your senior yearbook picture. 

1.) Use your registration/school ID picture. This is a professional photograph and it’s free.

2.) Turn in a senior portrait that meets all requirements before October 6th.

3.) Choose to have no senior picture in the yearbook.

If you plan to turn in a professional senior portrait, here are a few things that you’ll need to know:

1.) NO SELFIES!! No amateur photography! 

2.) We will only accept professional portraits.

3.) Portraits must be submitted as a JPG file, on a disk, a flash drive, or by email. 

4.) No screenshots of professional photos. 

5.) Vertical portraits only.

6.) Full color portraits only. No black and white or sepia tone.

7.) No printing on portraits. Tell you photographer this!

8.) School dress code should be followed.

9.) Pictures must be equivalent to a 5”x7” picture and should be a minimum of 300 DPI.

10.) No portraits will be accepted after October 6th.

11.) It is the student’s responsibility to check to make sure portraits were received.

12.) If you don’t get your picture before the deadline, your registration picture will be used.

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your senior portrait.

1.) Dress nicely and smile.

2.) Think long term in terms of fashion.

3.) Avoid rips, tears, hats, cars, and sports uniforms.

4.) Close up is better than full length.

5.) No weapons of any kind can be included in your senior picture.

6.) No pets.

Senior pictures can be copied to Flash Drives and should be turned in to Mr. Eldridge in person. Digital images may also be emailed directly to Mr. Eldridge: