Spring 2021 Exam Policy

Exams - Spring 2021 Policy Adjustments

Due to the global pandemic, the administration at BCHS has decided to amend the school’s semester exam policy for the Spring Semester of 2021. 

Current Policy - Any student who has a cumulative semester grade of an A or B, and has been absent (2) or fewer days may earn semester exam exemption. Also, a student may have no more than (2) unexcused tardies per class per semester, and no out-of-school suspension (OSS) to be exempt.

Amended Policy for Spring 2021 - All final exams, with the exception of dual credit, are OPTIONAL for students (regardless of their grade/attendance) and can do no harm to the student’s grade.  A student can elect to take none or up to all of their final exams during their class period on exam days.  It is highly recommended for any student who is failing a class or wants a higher grade, to take the exam in an effort to improve their semester grade.  Exams are worth 20% of a student's overall semester grade.  Exams will only be given in person.  If you are a fully remote student and need/want to take a final exam, we will ensure you have a testing location where social distancing protocols (as well as all other safety protocols) are followed.  Students who choose to not take a final exam are not required to be in attendance during that exam period.  Teachers will ask in advance which students will be taking exams so that they can either properly prepare their classroom environment, or request a different testing location.  

All dual credit courses that are awarding dual credit grades this semester are required to take final exams, per RLC guidelines.  The Illinois State Board of Education and the Illinois Community College Board have jointly stated high school districts must follow the college's regulations for dual credit.  Therefore, exams are not optional and they can lower a student’s grade in their dual credit class.  Most dual credit courses have enough time to take their test within the normal class period.  If a dual credit class needs extended test time, that information will be provided to the class and the exam will be on the preceding Friday. 

Senior Exams

  • *Extended-Time Dual Credit = Friday, May 7

  • B-Day Exams = Monday, May 10

  • A-Day Exams = Tuesday, May 11

Underclassmen Exams

  • *Extended-Time Dual Credit = Friday, May 21

  • B-Day Exams = Monday, May 24

  • A-Day Exams = Tuesday, May 25

If you have any questions or concerns regarding exams, feel free to call the school at 439-3103 or email Mr. Thomas at wthomas@bentonhighschool.org.