Our Return to Learning Plan has been updated. A printable copy can be found by clicking here.

School Day
● Remote learning will not be offered.
● Masks are recommended for students and staff.
● School will be in session for a full day, Monday through Friday, with doors open at 7:50 a.m., classes starting at 8:05 a.m., and dismissal at 2:50 p.m.
● Students will be dismissed at 1:50 p.m. through Friday, August 20.
● Social distancing will be employed to the greatest extent possible.
● Locker rooms, gyms, and weight room will be utilized and students will change clothes for PE.
● Students will eat breakfast and lunch in the cafeteria.
● Proper cleaning/disinfection practices will continue to be utilized by the custodial staff, focusing on “high touch” surfaces. HVAC air filtration will be monitored, with filters replaced as needed.
● Parents/students/staff must self-certify by conduct symptom screenings daily, prior to entering the school building. Symptom screenings online and in paper form are not required. Students and staff should stay home when they have signs of infectious illness and contact their healthcare provider for testing and care.

● Busing will continue to be offered by BCHS. Masking is encouraged for students riding the bus.
● Good hand hygiene will be strongly encouraged. Hand sanitizer will continue to be available in
various locations throughout the building, and soap dispensers will be regularly checked in all
restrooms to ensure it is readily available.
● Hands-free water fountains have been installed throughout the building and will be utilized to
reduce contact with “high touch” surfaces.
● All school meals will be free as long as the USDA allows. When the meal pattern changes, we will start charging for meals again.
● Tutoring will be available to all students in the library after school. (TBD–before school)
● Chronic absenteeism will be referred to the ROE Attendance Specialist and/or the Franklin County States Attorney as appropriate.
● All medical records, physicals, dental exams, and vision exams should be completed for students as indicated by law.

School Staff
● PLC/Professional Development time will be scheduled every Wednesday, utilizing an early dismissal schedule for students. (1:50)

● Masks are recommended for visitors entering the building.
● Visitors must self-certify they are free of infectious illness symptoms before entering the building.
● Athletic and extracurricular programs including band and chorus will run as normal with admission charged at sporting events as usual. No limitations on maximum spectators and masks are recommended for spectators.
● The district will closely monitor COVID 19 cases in the school, county, and surrounding area. If community spread becomes an issue the district will adjust educational and athletic programming as necessary.