Each teacher should give enough written and test work each grading period to get a good indication of the work and ability of the individual student. All teachers should administer a major evaluation device at the close of a unit and an all-inclusive evaluation utilizing the semester exam.

Semester exams will be during the last days of the semester.

1. Every course (unless granted special exemption by the department chairperson and principal) shall conclude with a final written examination in which the student's mastery of the course objectives will be assessed. Further, every full-year course shall include a first semester and second semester written examination. Other formal methods of evaluation may be used in addition to the written examination if approved by the department chairperson and the principal. When other forms of evaluation are approved, their percentage of the total exam grade is also to be approved. Other forms of evaluation may include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Take-home examination, which gives appropriate, evidence of course


B. Creative product (written, constructed, or performed) that gives   

     appropriate evidence of course mastery.

C. Oral examination that gives appropriate evidence of course mastery.

2. Certain courses may be exempt from the final examination requirements through justification and with special approval by the appropriate department chairperson and principal.

3. Final semester grades are calculated using the total points from the semester.

4. Teachers are to file final examinations with the appropriate department chairperson AND the principal no later than the day they are to be given.

5. Final examinations normally may not be taken in advance of the regularly scheduled time. The principal must approve postponing the taking of final examinations for reasons other than illness. Exceptions will be made only in emergency or severe hardship situations. First semester examinations that are missed must be made up as soon as possible. Second semester examinations that are missed must be made up by July 1st.

6. Any student who has a cumulative semester grade of an A or B, and has been absent (2) or fewer days may earn semester exam exemption. Also, a student may have no more than (2) unexcused tardies per class per semester, and no out of school suspension (OSS) to be exempt.  Exam exemption is a privilege that is granted as a reward for high academic performance and good attendance (any student who has violated the district attendance policy for a given period will not qualify for that period’s exam exemption). All absences will count toward the exam exemption guidelines with the exception of an absence related to a school sponsored activity. Any student who is exempt from an exam is encouraged to take the exam if their grade could improve.

- The exam exemption policy will not apply to Dual Credit courses.