2023 2nd Semester Reminders

  1. Be on time to class - If you are having difficulty getting to school on time make adjustments to ensure you can arrive by 8:00 am.

  1. KEEP ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES in backpacks or purses at ALL times and off your person. Keep them turned off or in Airplane mode during passing periods and while in class. If you use them, you lose them. 1st offense: 2 days of After School Detention and pick up at the end of the day in the Main Office. 2nd  Offense: Full Day of  In School Suspension and parents must pick them up. 3rd Offense: Out of School Suspension. 

  1. Follow BCHS’s Dress Code Policy. If you violate the Dress Code Policy, you will be sent to the office and you will be given a change of clothes. 

  1. No Blankets - Dress appropriately. If you need a coat, hoodie, etc. let us know.